Access Control Systems

As access to your building becomes more of a security issue every day, control who has access and where they can go once inside with and Access Control System.

Access Control System

An Access Control System enables the manager or owner of a property to control the locks on the doors typically through a card reader located next to the door. These systems allow you to control the movement of people into and through a building, create schedules of when the building is accessible,and easily add or delete employees from the users list. The ability to remove an employee from the system can save an enormous amount of money by not having to change locks when an employee leaves the company, along with the worry whether keys have been duplicated. Each user of the system is issued a unique access card where their privileges are assigned to that particular card.
The systems can range from simple one door systems up to systems that manage hundreds of doors. Access Control Systems can be managed either by an onsite manager or through Dial One Security.

Dial One Security installs and services industrial security access control systems to fit your needs.

Card Readers

Each access point that is controlled by the Access Control System requires the installation of and electric lock on the door and a means to signal the lock that someone is trying to gain access. This is accomplished by adding a Reader outside of the door. A reader can be in the form of a Proximity Card Reader, an Access Chip, Keypad or Biometric Reader depending on the desired system configuration. Once presented with the user’s credentials, the Reader communicates with the main Access Control System panel to either confirm or deny access.

Access Cards

Access Cards are frequently used to gain access to the building by presenting the card at the door to a Card Reader. By having the access privileges assigned to an individual person, there is no longer the need to worry about who has keys to the building and rekeying the locks when someone leaves the company, just delete them from the system. The Access Cards are often part of an overall company employee identification system where the cards also contain the employee’s name and photo along with the company’s logo.