October Employee Spotlight

October’s Employee Spotlight goes to Rob Singer! Rob has been with Dial One Security since 1998. Rob came to Dial One from a local nursing home where he served as head of maintenance for 23 years. “I find the element of change in this industry to be one of the most exciting parts of my job,” said Rob. Rob has a number of day-to-day responsibilities including handling items that need special attention from both the installation department and service department. “I come to work each day with the ultimate goal of making our customers happy,” said Rob. A long time resident of Reading, Rob has served as a volunteer for the Reading Fire/EMS department for 30 years. In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with his grandchildren and relaxing at his farm. Thank you Rob for 18 years and counting of outstanding customer service!rs

Honeywell Asset Protectors

Honeywell’s Total Connect Tracking Services are a great solution that use GPS technology to let home and business owners remotely track vehicles and assets in real-time using their computer, smartphone and other Internet-enabled mobile devices.

Asset protectors and tracking devices are a great way to know when your teenager arrived safely at school or home, a homeowner monitoring their boat or trailer, or a business owner monitoring their equipment at a job site. “Honeywell Total Connect Tracking Services can be deployed in countless scenarios— providing our customers with an easy and intuitive way to stay connected to their vehicles and valuable assets,” said Dean Mason, senior communications product manager, Honeywell.

This newest service is the latest addition to Honeywell Total Connect Remote Services, which allows consumers to control their security and automation, view live video and receive important alerts on their devices. Honeywell Total Connect Tracking Services can be offered as a standalone or combined with security and video from one place.

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Summer is the season of door to door soliciting

The weather is getting warmer and people are getting out, this includes door to door sales. A member of Dial One Security will always be able to provide you with a company photo ID to identify who they are. They will NEVER ask you for your account number or try to force their way into your home. Dial One Security does not do door to door sales calls unless you, the customer, ask us to come out to your home. If you have someone come to your home and they say they are from our company, Honeywell trying to sell you something or need to check the chip in your system, they are probably a solicitor. The best way to protect yourself is to not allow them in your home, contact your local authorities, and as always you can reach us 24/7, 365 days a week by calling our main number or Central Station. We value our customers privacy and safety, and always will. We are here for you to keep you safe!

False Alarm Reduction Unit changes, and what they mean for you

The City of Cincinnati has informed us of
an Alarm Registration Fee for residents and non-
residential alarm users. The fee will be $50 every
two years for residential alarm users and $100
every two years for non-residential alarm users.
Alarm users are required to register their system
with the city’s False Alarm Reduction unit within
21 days of the alarm installation. Our Central
Station is required to provide the alarm user’s
registration number, in addition to the address
when requesting a police response to an alarm. For information about registering your alarm, contact Sonya Walker at the City of Cincinnati’s False Alarm Reduction unit at 513-352-1272

Honeywell recognizes Dial One Security

IMAG2283Dial One Security was presented the 2015 Circle of Excellence by Honeywell. Each year awards are handed out to Honeywell and First Alert dealers who have made significant contributions to the security industry. The award recognizes Dial One Security for recognition of dealers that display quality service and have embraced the Honeywell authorized dealer program. Dial One Security has been a long-standing provider of Honeywell products in Cincinnati, OH for over 35 years.

Dial One Security, Inc. CEO John Lindberg Featured 2015 Industry Forecast Panelist

dialone-cover-SDMDial One Security, Inc.’s CEO John Lindberg was one of five industry leaders chosen as expert panelists in SDM Magazine’s SDM 2015 Industry Forecast issue. Lindberg, who founded Dial One Security in 1979, weighed in on the growth companies are experiencing through various security services and why it’s looking like 2015 will be a good year for the security industry.

SDM Magazine provides management and technical professionals with a comprehensive overview of the security marketplace. SDM is consistently ranked best read and most credible magazine by ISC West attendees. SDM Magazine is now in its 41st year of publication.

The article is available for online reading here (free registration is required).

The Grinch Who Stole Poinsettias


With the Christmas season fast approaching, Dial One Security client, Natorp's, was on the receiving end of "The Grinch Who Stole Christmas". With their greenhouses full of Poinsettias waiting to be shipped out and sold for Christmas, someone was helping themselves to the plants at night.
Although their security cameras had captured images of the thief, the thief had not been caught in the act. With the weekend approaching, Dial One Security was contacted by Kyle Natorp, CEO of Natorp's, on Thursday about the theft problem and what could be done to help them out. Mike Brown in our sales department configured a Lynx 5200 security system for the greenhouse that would provide a top notch security solution at an affordable price.
On Friday morning, Dial One Security installation technician Jeremy Miller, was given the task of installing the system. Jeremy decided that the best way to catch a thief was to not give them any warning that the system had been triggered, so the system was installed as a completely silent alarm. The system was also configured with Advanced Protection Logic to send in the alarm signal immediately upon any of the sensors being activated in the event that the control panel was destroyed during the break in.
By Friday afternoon the system was installed and ready to be put to the test. Little did anyone think that the system would be put to the test so soon. Friday night the thieves once again showed up at the Natorp's greenhouse to help themselves to a little holiday cheer. This time the security system was there to greet them and they were quickly apprehended by the police.
Kyle Natorp wrote us to say "I wanted you to know what a great job your team did for us.  With their solution and quick turnaround time on the installation made all the difference.  If we hadn't had it up this weekend we might not have had another chance to catch the guy until spring." Thank you Kyle for putting your trust in Dial One Security.

A Kid Again Basketball Extravaganza

A Kid Again Basketball Extravaganza

Dial One Security is proud to support the 23rd Annual Basketball Extravaganza for the A Kid Again charity. This year's event pairs Cincinnati Football AllStars against Cincinnati Celebrity AllStars for a night of fun and a friendly game of basketball.

A Kid Again supports families of children who are going through life threatening illnesses. Events like the Basketball Extravaganza provide the entire family a chance to spend some time together having fun and not focused on the illness and the family stress that goes along with the illness. These families receive support beyond the just this event to help them cope with the illness and strengthen the child's primary support network.